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Manufacturer's Technical Specification and Production Photos

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1) Reliable and efficient twin-glass solar tubes;
2) Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer;
3) Easy plug-in installation;
4) Free maintenance;
5) Suitable for mains pressure water (up to 8 bar/116psi);
6) Corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header;
7) Stainless Steel frame;
8) Aluminum casing;
9) Stable solar conversion during the day;
10) The perfect solar collector for domestic solar water heater systems;
11) Ideal for commercial solar water heating applications.


How it works:

1) The operation of the solar collector is very simple.
2) Solar absorption: solar radiation is absorbed by the solar tubes and converted into heat.
3) Solar heat transfer: heat pipes conduct the heat from within the solar tube up to the header pipe
4) Solar energy storage: water is circulated through the header, via intermittent pump cycling.Each time the water circulates through the header, the temperatures is raised by 5-10oC. Throughout the day, the water in the tank is gradually heated.

Technical Specification:

Manifold Casing Material
Aluminum/ SUS304 Stainless Steel
Frame Material
Aluminum/ SUS304 Stainless Steel
Header Pipe Material
Heat Pipe Material
Rock Wool
Rubber Seals and Rings
UV Stabilized High Temperature Silicon Rubber
Test Pressure
9 bar
Collector Mounting
Flat Roof/Inclined Roof
Mounting Angle
15-50 degrees
No of tubes 20
Diameter of tubes 47 mm
Length of tubes 1500 mm
Dimensions H 1700 mm x W 1420 mm x D 155 mm
Gross collector area 2.74 m2
Aperture area 1.26 m2
Absorber area 1.41 m2 (excluding 'reflected' face)
Weight 48Kg
Manifold Capacity <1.0 litres

Production Photos

Manifolds in production

Manifold pipework after brazing. Note the collars to accommodate the heat-pipe bulb. The temperature probe port tube can be seen brazed directly to the pipework.

Rockwool Insulation (below)

Manifold InsulationManifold CladdingManifolds finished with metal cladding.

Heatpipe with thermal paste

The bulb of the Heat-Pipe ready for insertion into the Manifold collar (during the panel mounting process) Thermal Paste is provided to optimise the thermal conductivity between heat-bulb and Manifold collar.

Tube support cup Cups are provided to secure and support the base of the heat-pipe assembly on the panel frame.


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